About me

Tomás Ramírez En Río

This website shows part of the work I’ve done, my studies, strengths and skills.

I am an Architect, bachelor of arts, specialist in energy efficiency and public management, with studies in civil engineering, social sciences and specialization in the valuation of heritage buildings.

Since 1996 I have worked in the private sector in the field of Architecture and Construction. Since 2007 I have worked as an Architect in the public sector of the State of Chile, in the Ministries of Culture, Public Works and Housing and Urbanism. In parallel I have written several publications about public building, heritage and territorial development, I have taught, designed and built works.

Currently, I work as an independent consultant in projects to improve the value of heritage buildings, management models, maintenance plans and architectural design.

Among my abilities you can count the leadership and work in multidisciplinary teams, design, construction, formulation and social evaluation of projects and development of patrimonial routes. I also have skills in the handling of specialized software and development of presentations. I have flexibility to adapt to the demands of each job challenge and vision of strategic projection in each of them.

I feel and I know I possess the right strengths to get every job done, and I can get new skills for new requirements of new Jobs. My driving forces are curiosity, passion for knowledge, observation and Searching holistic solution to local and global problems.



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