Los Andes-Vicuña Heritage route. Section Los Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes


Ruta Patrimonio Ferroviario

This presentation is part of the report heritage route The Andes-Vicuña, section Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes, in the north-central zone of Chile. This is a support requested by local community organizations to protect the bridges and tunnels of the old Andes-Vicuna railway route, and thus avoid demolition for new road projects.

In the diagnosis it was possible to verify the intrinsic heritage of the railway infrastructure, and the value assigned by the local community, whose history was formed around this route.

Thanks to the joint work with the local community, the municipality of Los Vilos and the person in charge of UNDP in the area, it was possible to obtain the declaration of national monument of the bridges and railway tunnels, being thus protected by law.

Although this protection implies changing the design plans of the new road route, it means to great advance in the protection of the local heritage, in the consolidation of identity of the territory and in the undertakings that have been shaped around it.

The importance of the route is even greater, since it was an old pre-Hispanic route, in which numerous archaeological vestiges have been found, including sites with petroglyphs.


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