Geodesic Wooden Dome Frequency V4

In the field of construction systems experimentation, together with the surveyor Daniel Cisternas, we undertook the construction of a wooden dome of radius 1m, frequency V4, without connectors. The prototype required a rigorous classification of pieces of wood cut into different angles, joined together with screws and forming consecutive radial rings until completing half of... Continue Reading →


Architecture Student

Although my beginnings in architecture began at an early age through the teachings of my first teacher, Faustino García, formal and methodical learning began at the school of architecture. My years in the school of architecture were a deep immersion in the study and perception of architecture beyond the classroom. It meant a kind of... Continue Reading →

Roadmapping & Competitive Intelligence

Among the works that have taken me beyond the limits of architecture as a discipline are Roadmapping and Competitive Intelligence. This has allowed me to delve into various topics and incorporating a strategic vision in each of them. This is a work that I am just learning and it has required a lot of research,... Continue Reading →

Patrimonial/heritage Route Way to Gabriela Mistral

The Patrimonial/heritage Route Way to Gabriela Mistral has been one of the most interesting projects in which I had worked, since it is a heritage project with a territorial, multisectorial systemic vision, with various initiatives in different locations and with the participation of different actors from the private and public sector. My work required first... Continue Reading →

Commercial Store and House in Curanipe downtown

In Curanipe downtown, a town that was severely affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of February 27, 2010, I was commissioned to design a commercial space on stilts and with a second level housing destination to lease to tourists. The level of the store is located on the main street of Curanipe, in front... Continue Reading →

Los Andes-Vicuña Heritage route. Section Los Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes

  This presentation is part of the report heritage route The Andes-Vicuña, section Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes, in the north-central zone of Chile. This is a support requested by local community organizations to protect the bridges and tunnels of the old Andes-Vicuna railway route, and thus avoid demolition for new road projects. In the diagnosis it was... Continue Reading →

Technical financial analysis and management model for the new CINV building in Valparaiso

The work done for the CINV (Interdisciplinary Center of Neuroscience of Valparaiso) was a very motivating challenge, due to the nature of the assignment and a new building for the port city of Valparaiso, in a sector declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The work was divided into two parts. The first part consisted in... Continue Reading →

Some of my masters (List/post in progress)

I think that in the way of training as an architect, there are masters, literally, people who help you to open your mind and build or deconstruct your point of view. It's those kind of people who earn your respect and admiration, but at the same time you maintain a direct, critical and inquisitive dialogue... Continue Reading →

Viticulture heritage / Patrimonio Vitivinícola

Counseling work for "El Sobrante" Vineyard, about Vineyard heritage values, and intervention criteria.  

Heritage criteria intervention of Pichilemu Urban Park

Here, something about my work for the project called “Diseño Mejoramiento Parque Bosque Urbano Municipal de Pichilemu”. It’s a Presentation of Heritage criteria intervention of Pichilemu Urban Park, to the Council of National Monuments.  

Workshop 7: “Heritage and Environment”

In 2011 I was professor of the workshop of Architecture called "Workshop 7: Heritage and Environment” of the University of the Sea, in La Serena (Taller 7: Patrimonio y Medioambiente, Universidad del Mar, sede La Serena). The Case Study developed in the 7th Heritage and Environment Workshop was the valorization of Gabriela Mistral’s house Las... Continue Reading →

School of arts and crafts in La Serena

I was a co-formulator of the project to develop the first school of heritage arts and crafts in the city of La Serena, which was called “Escuela de Artes y Oficios Osvaldo Ramírez Ossandón”. I also worked as a school teacher and executive coordinator. Practical and theoretical classes Poster of the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

Some sketches

Some sketches of my period as an architecture student, and earlier ones. The sketch of the headboard is an observation about my hand, during a somewhat boring class. Here, one of the many churches (empty churches) in the historical center of Santiago. An interior view of one of the houses in which i lived. While... Continue Reading →

“Patrimonio del Este” Project

Having lived a season in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and realizing that there was an important urban heritage associated with the history and planning of the city, and yet there was no website to report on that heritage, we decided to formulate and present the project “Patrimonio del Este” (Heritage of the East).  


While I lived in La Serena, in the region of Coquimbo, in the north central area of ​​Chile, I developed with the photographer Cristian Campos the website called Hitourbano, in order to spread themes regarding cultural heritage, natural heritage, public building , Culture and territorial development in general. It became the most important website in... Continue Reading →

“El Lugar Poético” / “The poetic place”

In the permanent attempt to cross disciplines, while I was still an architecture student, and occupied the position in charge teaching area of the student center, I promoted the edition of the text “El Lugar Poético” (The Poetic Place) and the realization of a recital of poetry, counting with the presence of outstanding writers, among... Continue Reading →


My interest in territorial development, architecture, public building and the enhancement of heritage has motivated me to publish articles in various media. Here are some of the articles I wrote: Patrimonio y Desarrollo en la Zona Típica Ruta Patrimonial Camino a Gabriela Mistral: El camino por seguir Puesta en Valor de Bienes Patrimoniales: Diferencias en... Continue Reading →

“Los Libertadores” border complex

My project to obtain the diploma of architect was the design of a new border complex in the mountain range of the Andes, on the border between Chile and Argentina. Having entered Chile many times through the current border complex, I was able to observe the functional and climatic deficiencies of the building. In this... Continue Reading →

Preliminary Project for Artigas main square in Punta del Este

Titled as Preliminary Project, it is actually a first idea in response to the request of one of the tenants of Plaza Artigas in Punta del Este, whose objective is to roof a public entertainment space that is usually abandoned by people when there are rains. It was sought to generate a simple structure, respecting... Continue Reading →

Restoration and Valuation of heritage building “Liceo Viejo de Teno”

In the project of restoration and valorization of the heritage building called “Liceo Viejo de Teno”, my work as an architect was developed in three areas of the consultancy: The first area was the Design of architecture of the restoration and design of a new building complementary to the old one. The second area was... Continue Reading →

ACP39 House

Like ACP42 House, this work corresponds to a house located at the top of the south bank of the river Chovellen, passing the bridge in the sector of Cardonal. It was designed by architect Tomás Ramírez Canales, requested by Darío Segura Ormazábal. Located 7 kms south of Curanipe, Commune of Pelluhue, it has a unique location... Continue Reading →

ACP42 House

Like ACP39 House, this work corresponds to a house located at the top of the south bank of the river Chovellen, passing the bridge in the sector of Cardonal. It was designed by architect Tomás Ramírez Canales, requested by Darío Segura Ormazábal. Located 7 kms south of Curanipe, Commune of Pelluhue, it has a unique... Continue Reading →

Mistralian Center / Centro Mistraliano

The new Mistral Center building is part of a heritage route called Camino a Gabriela Mistral, Bicentennial building of the Coquimbo Region, whose development was entrusted to the Department of Architecture of the MOP on behalf of the Regional Government. The project provides cultural accessibility to the community, because it is located in a socially... Continue Reading →

Quilimapu House

  Located on the slope of a large plot, Architects Karina Englander and Tomás Ramírez designed and built this house, located in the sector of Quilicura Alto, 11 kms south of Curanipe, Commune of Pelluhue, where the traditions of country and sea meet On the coastal edge of the Maule Region. The land has native... Continue Reading →

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