Los Andes-Vicuña Heritage route. Section Los Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes

  This presentation is part of the report heritage route The Andes-Vicuña, section Vilos: Quelon-Tilama-Caimanes, in the north-central zone of Chile. This is a support requested by local community organizations to protect the bridges and tunnels of the old Andes-Vicuna railway route, and thus avoid demolition for new road projects. In the diagnosis it was... Continue Reading →


Technical financial analysis and management model for the new CINV building in Valparaiso

The work done for the CINV (Interdisciplinary Center of Neuroscience of Valparaiso) was a very motivating challenge, due to the nature of the assignment and a new building for the port city of Valparaiso, in a sector declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The work was divided into two parts. The first part consisted in... Continue Reading →

Some of my masters (List/post in progress)

I think that in the way of training as an architect, there are masters, literally, people who help you to open your mind and build or deconstruct your point of view. It's those kind of people who earn your respect and admiration, but at the same time you maintain a direct, critical and inquisitive dialogue... Continue Reading →

Viticulture heritage / Patrimonio Vitivinícola

Counseling work for "El Sobrante" Vineyard, about Vineyard heritage values, and intervention criteria.  

Heritage criteria intervention of Pichilemu Urban Park

Here, something about my work for the project called “Diseño Mejoramiento Parque Bosque Urbano Municipal de Pichilemu”. It’s a Presentation of Heritage criteria intervention of Pichilemu Urban Park, to the Council of National Monuments.  

Workshop 7: “Heritage and Environment”

In 2011 I was the professor of the workshop of Architecture called "Workshop 7: Heritage and Environment” of the University of the Sea, in La Serena (Taller 7: Patrimonio y Medioambiente, Universidad del Mar, sede La Serena). The Case Study developed in the 7th Heritage and Environment Workshop was the valorization of Gabriela Mistral’s house... Continue Reading →

School of arts and crafts in La Serena

I was a co-formulator of the project to develop the first school of heritage arts and crafts in the city of La Serena, which was called “Escuela de Artes y Oficios Osvaldo Ramírez Ossandón”. I also worked as a school teacher and executive coordinator. Practical and theoretical classes https://www.flickr.com/photos/hitourbano/7679383624/in/album-72157630827344628/ Poster of the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

Some sketches

Some sketches of my period as an architecture student, and earlier ones. The sketch of the headboard is an observation about my hand, during a somewhat boring class. Here, one of the many churches (empty churches) in the historical center of Santiago. An interior view of one of the houses in which i lived. While... Continue Reading →

“Patrimonio del Este” Project

Having lived a season in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and realizing that there was an important urban heritage associated with the history and planning of the city, and yet there was no website to report on that heritage, we decided to formulate and present the project “Patrimonio del Este” (Heritage of the East).  


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